Ann, the name of our Holy Patroness, means 'Grace', ‘Mercy’. Not by chance but by choice, our Founder Fr. Wilhelm Meyer placed our Society under her Patronage so that the Sisters would be taking care of the mothers and children”.

He says,

“By taking the name of St. Ann and following her example in all the activities, a continued homage is paid to the Mother of the Mother of God …”

The Society of St. Ann has become an Angel of Charity’, which stands at the bedside helping and consoling mothers besides, looking after the little ones.

The Society, like an angel, flaps its wings of consolation over the bed of the sick and the dying, nursing the body and strengthening the soul…

The Society is a living temple’  in her honour. We believe that the name Angel of Mercy’ confirms our call for a mission. We take her as our Patroness; we strive to imitate this great woman, in loving God by our consecrated life, in giving God through our mission and in living God by our active life in the community.