Heeding to the ‘need of the time’ and to give comfort and assistance to mothers and children, the Society of Sisters of St. Ann was founded on November 21, 1909 in Luzern, Switzerland; a Society built in this world yet not of the world. The Sisters began their service, small as mustard seed, as a handiwork of God and engaged themselves in home care and family ministry, against the current trend of that time.


Rector Fr. Wilhelm Meyer (1870-1912), the Founder of the Congregation of the Society of Sisters of St. Ann, is a mortal made immortal by the Lord. He was a soul set on fire; a person of deep reflection and quiet contemplation, a priest, fervent and zealous, gifted with a compassionate heart, cheerful disposition and tremendous talent for action.            

Co Founder:

Mr. Hans von Matt, a Member of Parliament, was a close friend of our Founder. The Society of St. Ann was the fruit of their friendship. As a national Councilor, he helped to draw the civil laws of the Society along with the Founder. Fr. Meyer found the right man at the right time.

Co- Foundress:

Mother Emilie Dormann, the first Mother General, although not one of the first Sisters, is termed as one of the Co-Founders of the Society. She brought rapid growth and professional efficiency to the Society. She was a deeply religious woman… a valiant lady with many outstanding qualities... She was the power and force behind the mission in India.                                                                  

Pioneers to India:

The heroic saga of Sr. Feer Francisca, Sr. Affentranger Elizabeth, Sr. Mueller Catherine, and Sr.Wicky Magdalene began in 1927. Daring to discover…blazing a path- breaking trail… carrying the flame of love within, they conquered the hearts of all. Impelled by a desire not to gain anything for themselves but to give everything of themselves, they served especially the poor, the sick, the suffering and the marginalized with compassion and commitment.


Indian Mission:

December 28, 1927, is painted in gold on the canvas of our Society; for on this day a new shoot stemmed out in the Indian soil; the dream of our founder came true…A group of four young sisters from Switzerland set their foot on the sacred soil of India… Today, this banyan tree has branches all over India in 8 states, present in 34 dioceses with 3 provinces forming 90 communities, managing 103 institutions and working in 40 collaborative centres. It has a Region in East Africa and a Mission in Italy with the total strength of 810 Sisters involved in Medical, Educational, Social and Pastoral activities.

East African Mission:


Following the advice of our Founder, reading the signs of the time, the mission was born in African soil on September 12, 1990. The small beginning of a big venture began when the first group of two missionaries set their foot in Tabora, Tanzania. Today it has established 9 communities in Tanzania and one in Kenya having 5 institutions and 8 collaborative services where 31 Indian missionaries and 17 local Sisters engaged in Educational, Social, Medical and Pastoral works.


Italian Mission:

Dreamt…Sought…Found…The dream of our Founder of bringing the mission from Europe to India is reversed. The need of the time and the time of the need compelled the Society to take up the mission in Italy. The three pioneers began their ministry in 2004. The 3 communities in Italy - in the Regions of Rome, Reggio Emilia and Calabria are extensions of God’s compassion in Healthcare, family apostolate and Pastoral ministry. 9 Sisters are involved in the mission.