Prayer life



Our Founder gave us the advice: “Live always in union with God” and “Let your soul ever cling like a creeper to the rock-Jesus.” The contemplation of Word of God, Holy Eucharist, Personal prayer, Silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Devotion to the Crucified Lord and Mother Mary draw us closer to Christ. The Spirituality of the Sisters of St. Ann echoes the answer Jesus gave to the Scribe: For the love of God, serve the needy. “For God’s love” a Sister lives her life through actions of love. For us, Sisters of St. Ann, all of our life is ‘a soul searching for God’.

Community Life

About us


Community life is a gift where God wishes to share his life of communion and where we become Sisters to build up fraternal communion. Our living together is a living sign of the primacy of the love of God. “…It is the love of Christ and His Spirit that unites us as a community. The mission to give witness to God’s compassion… calls us to be an apostolic community” (Const.15.1) United across states, countries and oceans into one single spiritual family, we strengthen and encourage each other ever anew to “seek God and serve Him”.


On-going formation


Ongoing Formation


We are formed by life throughout our lifetime. On-going formation rejuvenates, empowers, re-energizes and enhances the quality of our life for a better apostolic missionary service. Every day we are in the process of being and becoming. There is a need to equip and update ourselves spiritually and professionally, developing competency and expertise, to respond adequately to the challenges of the present day. The Society offers immeasurable possibilities to grow in the giftedness of each Sister, to be fully alive in one’s life and mission.


Graceful Aging


1Graceful ageing


 The truth of life is to be accepted, and the reality of life is to be faced whatsoever. There is a youthfulness of spirit at every stage of life; a person seeks and finds a new task to fulfill, a particular way of serving and living. Our senior Sisters are encouraged to accept time as a gift and to enter wisely into life’s rhythms; to discover the new way of living in the community and collaborating in the mission, responding positively to the challenges of old age, thus to plan their second career and grow gracefully. Opportunities are provided that would promote psycho- spiritual well being and vocational fulfillment.