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2016 IV Regional Chapter in East African Region; Sr. Denis Mary Parackal elected as the 4th Regional Superior.
2015 East African Region celebrates the Silver jubilee of the Mission.
2014 IV Provincial Chapters in the 3 Provinces;Sr. Daisy (CP), Sr. Kusuma (NP) and Sr. Pauline Augustine (SP) are reelected as Provincial Superiors.
2012 III Regional Chapterin East African Region; Sr. Sunitha Pazhayattil is reelected as 3rd Regional Superior.
Sept. 2012 III General Chapter:  Sr. Elizabeth Antony Chirayath elected as the 3rd Superior General.
12 Feb 2011- 12 Feb 2012 Death Centenary Celebration of Founder Fr. Wilhelm Meyer.
2010 III Provincial Chapters in the 3 Provinces;Sr. Daisy (CP), Sr. Kusuma (NP) and Sr. Pauline Augustine (SP) are elected as Provincial Superiors.
Sep. 2008- Sep. 2009 Centenary Celebration of the foundation of the Society in India and in Switzerland.
July 2008 Second Regional Chapter in East Africa; Sr. Sunitha Pazhayattil elected as 2nd Regional Superior.
May 2007 The remains of Founder Fr. Wilhelm Meyer is shifted from the Grotto of the hospital to the Mother house in Tivoli, Switzerland.
Jan. 2007 Second General Chapter in India – Second Session.
Oct. 2006 Second General Chapter in Switzerland.
Sr. Heidi Kaelin is elected as Second Swiss Superior General.
July.2006 Second General Chapter in India – First Session.
Sr.Tresa Ann Vadakkan elected as Second Indian Superior General.
2006 II Provincial Chapters in the 3 Provinces;Sr. Elizabeth Antony (CP), Sr. Clementa (NP) and Sr. Flory (SP) are elected as Provincial Superiors.
8.09.2004 East African Region is erected. Sr. Antonita Nadamukath elected as the first Regional Superior.
30.06.2004 3 Sisters sent on Italian Mission.
2002 First Provincial Chapters in the 3 Provinces under Superior General India;Sr. Elizabeth Antony (CP), Sr. Ann Jose (NP) and Sr. Mary Lynn (SP) are elected as Provincial Superiors.
13.06. 2001 East African Delegation is formed.
Sr. Antonita Nadamukath nominated as the Delegation Superior.
12.Oct.2000 First General Chapter in India.
Sr. Immaculate Pariyarath elected as the First Indian Superior General.
8. Dec.2000 India and Switzerland become two Autonomous Societies under separate Generalates in Hyderabad and in Luzern respectively.
Federation structure of the two Societies is approved by the Holy See.
21.11.1999 The Society is given Pontifical right; Approval of the Constitutions of the two Autonomous Societies by the Holy See.

II Ordinary Provincial Chapter, India.

The three Regions of India are raised to the status of Provinces.


VIII General Chapter at Luzern, Switzerland.

Re-election of Sr. Heidi Loser as Superior General and Sr. Immaculate nominated as Asst. Superior General.

1996 First Provincial Chapter Switzerland.
Sr. Rosa Scherer elected as Provincial Superior.
1994 First Provincial Chapter - Second session in India.
1993 First Ordinary Provincial Chapter, India – First Session.
Election of Sr. Immaculate Pariyarath as First Provincial Superior.
Division of the Province of India into three Regions: Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Madras. Sr. Tresa Ann, Sr. Marietta and Sr. Brita are appointed as Regional Superiors respectively.  
1992 Sr. Clarit is appointed as the Mission Superior to East Africa.
May 1991

VII General Chapter in Luzern.

Sr. Heidi Loser takes over as the 4th Mother General.
The Region of India and Switzerland are given the status of Provinces.
Sr. Elizabeth Ann Kunnapally becomes the 1st Provincial Superior of India.

12 Sept.1990 The first missionaries sent from India to Tanzania, East Africa.
1990 II Ordinary Regional Chapter, Switzerland. Handing over the office to Sr. Rosa Scherer by Sr. Esther Staubli.
1987 II Ordinary Regional Chapter, India; Diamond Jubilee of Indian Mission.
25 Sept.1985 Approval of the Constitution by Bishop Otto Wuest.
1985 First Ordinary Regional Chapter, Switzerland.
1984 VI General Chapter, Switzerland; Mother Esther Staubli re-elected.
1983 Society canonically erected as “Society of Apostolic Life” (Canon Law 731) with obligations to the Evangelical counsels.
1979 First ordinary Regional Chapter in India. Sr. Elizabeth Ann Kunnapally takes over as the fourth Indian Regional Superior.
1978 V General Chapter, Switzerland; Mother Esther Staubli re-elected.
Sr. Rosa Maise, Regional Superior, Sr. Elisabeth Affentranger, two Indian sisters and one Swiss sister from India attended the Chapter as delegates.
1975 Extraordinary Regional Chapter in India. Election of Sr. Rosa Maise.
1972 IV General Chapter, Switzerland. Mother Esther Staubli – elected as the 3rd Mother General. Sr. Rosa Maise, Regional Superior, 2 European sisters and two Indian sisters from India attended the Chapter as delegates.
1969 Chapter in India; Nomination of Sr. Rosa Maise as Regional Superior.
1969 III General Chapter, Switzerland; Mother Frieda Baldegger re-elected.
1963 II General Chapter, Switzerland. Mother Frieda Baldegger re-elected. Mother Elisabeth Affentranger, Sr. Rosa Maise and 2 sisters from India as delegates attended the Chapter.
May 1957 First General Chapter, Switzerland. Mother Frieda Baldegger re-elected. (Mother Elisabeth Affentranger attended as Regional Superior from India).
8 Dec.1956 Recognition of the Society as a Religious Society of Diocesan Right (Can. 673) and Approbation of the new Constitutions by Bishop Franciskus von Streng of Basel.
1954 Chapter in India; Taking over of Indian Region from Mother Walburga Schmidt by Mother Elizabeth Affentranger.
27 Apr. 1950 Death of Mother Emilie Dormann.
23. Jan.1947 General Congregation: Election of Sr. Frieda Baldegger as the 2nd Mother General. Sr. Walburga Schmidt nominated as Mission Superior, India.
1940 Construction of St. Ann’s Hospital, Vijayawada; Regional house since 1969.
1939 The first 3 Indian candidates joined.
14. Mar.1939 The mortal remains of Rector Wilhelm Meyer brought from the Hofkirche and re-buried in a Grotto near the Mother House.
Dec.1935 The first visit of Mother General Emilie Dormann to India.
21. Mar.1932 Death of Co-Founder Mr. Hans von Matt.
1932 Mother Francisca Feer appointed as Mission superior.
1931 St. Ann’s Health centre, Madugula - The first institution in India.
1930 St. Ann’s Home, Bheemunipatnam, the first residence called the first Regional Mother House, India.
27 Dec. 1927 The first missionaries arrived at Madras, India. Sr. Catherine Muller appointed as the Mission superior. Sisters began working at Golden Rock hospital, Trichy, Govt. hospital, Machilipatnam, and St. Aloysius school, Vishakapatnam.
04 Dec. 1927 The first four Indian missionaries received their mission mandate.
1923 Construction of a new Sisters’ house at Rigistrasse.
1921 Superior Emilie Dormann was called from now on Mother General (first).
07 Nov. 1921 Approval of the new constitutions of St. Ann’s Society (Can.707) by Bishop Jakobus Stammler.
19 Mar. 1918 Moving into the newly constructed Sanatorium St Anna at Brunnhalde, Luzern: the first Mother house.
1912 - 1916 Fr. Peter Stocker took charge as the 2nd Director. He remained as a member of SGKW till 1949.
08 Feb. 1912 Death of Founder Fr. Wilhelm Meyer after a brief illness of cancer; buried near Hofkirche, Luzern.
04. July 1911 Rector W. Meyer accepted the promise of Sr. Emilie Dormann.
Administration handed over to Sr. Emilie Dormann as Superior.
14. May 1911 First Clinic started in a rented house called “Schloss Bramberg’” Luzern.
1910 Sisters lived in a rented house named as St. Ann’s Home in Mariahilfgasse 9, Luzern.
15. Sept.1910 Ms. Emilie Dormann joined the Society.
21 Nov. 1909 Vestition and first promise of the first three Sisters.
Foundation of the Society of the Sisters of St. Ann at Luzern.
18 Oct. 1909 Foundation of Civil Society-S.G.K.W. with the assistance of Mr. Hans von Matt.
19 July 1909 Fr. Wilhelm Meyer submits the ‘Rules and Regulations’ of the new Society of St. Ann to Bishop Jakobus Stammler.
15 April 1909 Two more candidates joined the Association.
15 Feb. 1909 First candidate responded to the call to join the Pious Association of St. Ann.
1st Aug 1897 First Holy Mass at Schoetz.
18 July 1897 Wilhelm Meyer ordained to priesthood at Solothurn.
12 Sept.1870 Wilhelm Meyer born in Schoetz, Luzern, Switzerland.